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The CREST (Research Center on Economy and Statistics) is a research center which depends on the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies).

It is composed of 9 laboratories implemented in 4 different places : 2 in Malakoff, one in Paris and one in Rennes.


The CREST aim is to participate in research development in two main ways :

-        modelling of economic and social trends 

-        conception and implementation of statistics methods


15 Boulevard Gabriel Peri

92245Malakoff Cedex

Téléphone :       Tel : 01 41 17 60 81




Olivier Galland is member of the Laboratory of Quantitative Sociology  (LSQ : Laboratoire de Sociologie Quantitative).


Timbre J350

3, Avenue Pierre Larousse



Tél: 33 (0)1 41 17 57 51


Olivier Galland

Location: City/Country

Malakoff - France

Main theme


Youth sociology, sociology of age life and generation

Sociology of values

Sociology of inequalities

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Youth sociology ; transitions to adulthood ; youth and society ; young people

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

Four principal thematics structure the activities of the research in the laboratory :

-Social inequalities (characteristics, evolution and transmission)

-Social exchanges, sociability, social relationships

-Professional and social integration, labour market

-Occidental societies (evolution, dynamics and values)


Research tools and statistic methods

The ambition is to apply quantitative methods to these issues with the most accuracy and relevance.


Olivier Galland is first interested in social exchanges, sociability, social relationships and also in professional and social integration, labour market.

Running projects

Currently, Olivier Galland leads a study on inequalities and perceptions of justice. This study has two objectives :

-To assess the way French people perceive different kinds of inequalities

- To understand mechanisms which explain that some kinds of inequalities or inequalities situations are more accepted than others.

Relevant Publications



-O. Galland et B. Roudet, (sous la dir. de), 2001, Les valeurs des jeunes, [Young people's values)Paris, L'Harmattan, collection Débats-jeunesse

-O. Galland (avec F. Dubet et E. Deschavanne, dir.), 2004, Les jeunes,[Youth] Comprendre, n° 5

-O. Galland, 2007, Boundlesss Youth. Studies in the Transitions to Adulthood, The Bardwell Press, Oxford

-O. Galland, 2008, "Les jeunes et la société : des visions contrastées de l'avenir", Les jeunesses face à leur avenir, une enquête internationale, [Youth and society : contrasted perception of the future] A. Stellinger (dir.), Fondation pour l'innovation politique, p. 25-53

-O. Galland, A. Cavalli, V. Cicchelli (sous la dir. de), 2008, Deux pays, deux jeunesses ? La condition juvénile en France et en Italie, [Two countries, two youth ? youth condition in France and Italy ]Presses universtaires de Rennes



-O. Galland, 2008, "Une nouvelle adolescence", [A new teenage] Note critique, Revue française de sociologie, 49-4, p. 819-826

-O. Galland et al., 2007, "Le rivolte francesi del novembre 2005. Gestione politico-amministrativa e forme di partcipzione", [The French riots of 2005: politico-administrative management and forms of participation], Rassegna Italiana di Sociologica, n° 2, p. 291-313

-O. Galland, 2005, « Les jeunes Européens sont-ils individualistes ? », [Are young European individualist ?] in Les valeurs des jeunes Européens, Galland, Roudet (dir), Editions la Découverte

-O. Galland, 2006, "Jeunes : les stigmatisations de l'apparence", [Youth : stigmatisations of the appearance], Economie et statistique, n° 393-394, p. 13-25


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