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 NGO Cittadinanzattiva (Active citizenship)


President:Alessio Terzi; Vice-presidents: Giuseppe Scaramuzza,
Anna Vittori; Segretary: Teresa Petrangolini

Location: City/Country

Rome, Italy

Main theme

1) Civic participation


Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Active citizenship, protection of citizens rights,  self-organisation, networking, empowerment, problem solving, lobbying

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

Cittadinanzattiva (Active citizenship) is a non-profit organization founded in 1978, that counts around 92.000 members (individuals, associations, groups and networks). It operates at local level through 250 "Active Citizenship" Assemblies electing their representatives to the respective regional Congress (19) and subsequently to the national Congress. It has been recognized as a consumer organization since 2000. Its main aims are the promotion of civic participation and the protection of citizens' rights in Italy and in Europe to be achieved by empowerment of individuals and organizations, production of civic information (data on the situation of citizens' rights collected and analysed by citizens themselves), advocacy.

Running projects

Monitoring and evaluating the state of the rights to European active citizenship


The project consists in the set up, application and diffusion of a toolbox to monitor and evaluate the implementation of active citizenship rights, both at national and EU levels, with regard to citizens' organizations. The focused  rights are: the right to intervention, to carry out prevention activities, to consultation, to evaluate, to access, to a qualified interlocution, to respect of time and obligation to give feedback, to trust and equal dignity, to facilitation and support measures.

The project's main goals are the following: .

  • Information: gathering and organizing data on the state of implementation of rights to Active European Citizenship in a sample of member states and at community level. Involved countries are the following: 1. Bulgaria, 2. Cyprus, 3. Czech Republic, 4. Greece, 5. Germany, 6. Italy, 7. Poland, 8. Slovenia, 9. Romania, 10. Turkey.
  • Evaluation: experimenting the possibility of compare different situations and evaluate them with reference to the actual state of rights to European Active Citizenship;
  • Toolbox: setting up and testing a tool to be used to gather information and evaluate the development of the practice of rights to European Active Citizenship.

Leading organization

FONDACA, Active Citizenship Foundation (www.fondaca.org)


  • Active Citizenship Network  (www.activecitizenship.net)
  • Marche Region administration
  • European Commission - DG Education and Culture


July 2007 - June 2008.


  • Checklist for the gathering of information on the implementation of Active Citizenship rights
  • Matrix for the evaluation of the State of Active Citizenship Rights


  • Meetings at national level involving people interviewed and other stakeholders
  • Presentation of the project and its results during the Civicus World Assembly (Glasgow, 18-22 June 2008)
  • Presentation of the project and its results of the project during the Oecd conference, Ljubljana (26-27 June, 2008)

Relevant Publications

The materials produced within the project are available at  http://www.activecitizenship.net/content/view/170/110/

G. Moro - I. Vannini (2008), La società civile tra eredità e sfide. Rapporto sull'Italia del Civil Society Index, Rubbettino: Catanzaro.

G. Trincia (2008), Il consumatore attivo. Guida ai servizi di interesse pubblico e alla tutela dei propri diritti, Baldini Castoldi Dalai editore: Milano



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