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Istituto IARD RPS


Scientific Board: among others, Alessandro Cavalli, Carlo Buzzi, Antonio de Lillo, Carmen Leccardi, Eugenia Scabini, Antonio Schizzerotto

Location: City/Country


Main theme

1) Civic participation


Keywords area of work

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IARD RPS Institute is active in the field of social research since 1961.
Focus of the research institute is on the changes in attitudes and behaviours in particular of youth, considering both structural and individual aspects and conditions. The Institute also deals with broader thematic areas, with emphasis on social, educational and cultural policies, thereby providing support for practitioners engaged in these fields.

Running projects

1) Title: Betting on young people (Scommettere sui giovani)

Main theme: Trends in youth culture: school as a factor of cultural growth and social development over time, trends of youth cultural consumption in the last 20 years ; impact of school and cultural consumption on social growth of young people.

Cooperation: the research is on behalf of AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori (Italian Editors Association).

Duration : 2009 


2) Title: Youth Observatory of the Province of Milan - Third annual report (Osservatorio Giovani della Provincia di Milano - Terza annualità)

Main theme: desk analysis of  provision of public services and interventions for young people on the part of the local government of the province of Milan ; highlighting of meaningful practices and experiences, that will be detailed through case studies.

Cooperation: the research is on behalf of the Province of Milan

Duration : 2008 - 2009


 2) Title: Growing in Busto Garolfo

Main theme: the researche will attempt to draw a reliable picture of the living conditions of children living in the municipal area of Busto Garolfo (Province of Milan). Particular attention will be placed on children care strategies implemented by parents of children in the range 0-6 years and on the assessment of  the needs for new support structures (kindergarten, play area etc.).

Cooperation: the research is on behalf of the Municipality of Busto Garolfo

Duration : 2009



Relevant Publications

Rapporto Giovani - Sesta indagine dell'Istituto IARD sulla condizione giovanile in Italia
a cura di Carlo Buzzi, Alessandro Cavalli e Antonio de Lillo
Il Mulino, 2007

Giovani a scuola - Un'indagine della Fondazione per la Scuola realizzata dall'Istituto IARD
a cura di Alessandro Cavalli e Gianluca Argentin
Il Mulino, 2007

Generazioni in movimento - Madri e figli nella seconda indagine Istituto IARD-Iprase sulla condizione giovanile in Trentino
a cura di Carlo Buzzi
Il Mulino, 2007



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