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Training and Education Research Centre.

(CREF : Centre de Recherche Education et Formation)

This research centre gathers three research teams each of whom develops its own research issues.

Alain Vulbeau works in the sector "Crisis, school and violence". This sector was founded in 1993.


Département des Sciences de l'éducation

SPSE, Université Paris X,

92001 Nanterre Cedex, France

tél : 00 33 (0)1 40 97 70 62




Alain Vulbeau

Location: City/Country

Paris - France

Main theme

Ur Participation

Illegal practices of young people

Youth local policies

Social experimentations

Evolutions of authority relations

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Social experimentation, young people, field research,  social relationship

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

The sector works on two principles axes :

-Violence at school and alternative pedagogy

-Childhood, youth and intercultural issues.


Researchers lead a multidisciplinary analysis of social violence, violence in school and institutional places, pedagogical, sociological and psychological experimentations. All of this is based on crisis which is thought as a social and scholastic, systemic and symbolic organizer.

The research is based on a twofold hypothesis:

-        Practices and knowledge on violence reveal social evolutions

-        Some new social and institutional answers are set up by this context of society crisis

Research, pedagogical and social methods need to be adapted and adjusted to this societal crisis.

Running projects

Research on two programs of Centre Educatifs Renforcés [new types of centers which develop disciplinary methods to control young delinquents].

Relevant Publications

Vulbeau (A), en coll. avec Boucher (M) (dir), Émergences culturelles et jeunesse populaire : turbulence ou médiation ?, [Cultural emergences and popular youth : turbulence or mediation ?]2003, sous presse: collection Débats Jeunesse, Paris : L'Harmattan

Vulbeau (A), 2002, Les inscriptions de la jeunesse, [Young people's inscriptions] collection Débats Jeunesse, Paris : L'Harmattan

Vulbeau (A) (dir), 2001, La jeunesse comme ressource : expériences et expérimentation dans l'espace public, [Youth as a resource : experiences and implementation in public space] Ramonville Saint-Agne : OBVIES / ERES

Vulbeau (A), en coll. avec Dubouchet (L), 1999, Des jeunes et des expérimentations sociales, Vigneux : Matrice


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