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Daniela Del Boca is the scientific coordinator of the Centre

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2) Young parenthood


Keywords area of work

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Population and Household Economics; Family; National - European - International level; Immigration.


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Constituted in 2000, the Centre has its own administered head office at the Economics Department of the University of Torino. It coordinates the activities of 8 different universities. Daniela Del Boca is the scientific coordinator of the Centre. The Centre aims at : 1) promoting the collaboration of the researchers in the field of population and household economics, with a specific interest in the relationships between households, within households and between the family and the state; 2)  coordinating the acquisition of bibliographic resources concerning the economics of the family and demographic economics; 3) collecting information on a micro- and macro- economic level about the various aspects of the family on an European and international level; 4) organizing lectures, workshop and educational activities in order to promote research and policy analyses; 4) building a network of international contacts on this level; 5) coordinating and managing research projects at European and international level; 6) cooperating with other Italian and foreign universities associated with CHILD in the organization of students and researchers exchange programs;7)  publishing a series of working paper related to the economics of the family on an empirical and theoretical level.



Running projects

see http://www.child-centre.it/

Relevant Publications

Daniela Del Boca and Cécile Wetzels (2007) Social Policies, Labour Markets and Motherhood. A Comparative Analysis of European Countries, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

A. Brandolini, G. D'Alessio (2003) Household Structure and Income Inequality in Italy: A Comparative European Perspective, Frankfurt am Main-New York, Peter Lang.



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