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Centro de Estudos em Migrações e Minorias Étnicas - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa [Centre for Studies in Migration and Ethnic Minorities - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon]


José Gabriel Pereira Bastos
Susana Trovão Pereira Bastos
Maria Filomena Silvano
Donizete Rodrigues
Maria do Carmo Campos Vieira
Luís Soczka
Maria Guadalupe Carvalho
Ana Evangelista Brinca
Lurdes Nicolau
Mário Machaqueiro
Marta Rosales
Phillip Esteves
Elsa Rodrigues
José Manuel Cavaleiro Rodrigues
Kachia Techio
Maria Celeste Monteiro Fortes

Location: City/Country

CEMME - Centro de Estudos de Migrações e Minorias Étnicas

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Departamento de Antropologia, Torre B,  3º andar, sala 303

Avenida de Berna, 26-C

1069-061 Lisbon - Portugal


Telefones: 21 79 33 919/519/569,  ext. 356

Fax:  21 79 77 759

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




Main theme

1) Civic participation

3) Transition of young people with an ethnic minority or immigrant background

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Transnational Populations; African Studies; Gypsy Studies, Brazilian Immigration; Identities and Diasporas

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

Created in January 2002, CEMME is an interdisciplinary research unit located in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon, where it has been carrying out quantitative and qualitative research projects on migrations; identity processes and strategies and inter-ethnic relations.

During the period of settlement (2000 -2003), the research centre main concern was to consolidate its organisational structure and international network of collaborations, to develop its own research team, and to stimulate and supervise students´ research projects, as well as to find new and alternative ways of funding.

The Centre was internationally evaluated as "very good" in August 2003, and since then has been receiving funding from the Foundation for Science and Technology.


CEMME is divided into five main research areas:


I - Studies on Transnational Populations

Coord.: Susana Pereira Bastos

II - African Studies

Coord.: José Gabriel Pereira Bastos

III - Gypsy Studies

Coord.: José Gabriel Pereira Bastos

IV - Brazilian Studies

Coords.: Donizete Rodrigues and José Gabriel Pereira Bastos

V - Studies on Consuming and Identities

Coord.: Filomena Paiva Silvano


International Cooperation


CEMME cooperates scientifically with MERIB (Migrations and Ethnicity Research Institute, Brussels). Two of the research members (Susana Pereira Bastos and José Gabriel Pereira Bastos) of CEMME are part of the International Scientific Committee of MERIB, as well of the «Scientific Board» of Colors, Journal of Moving Communities, international scientific journal edited by MERIB.


The research centre, represented by Susana Pereira Bastos and José Gabriel Pereira Bastos and through other research centre (SociNova / Migrations), is part of the European network IMISCOE / International Migrations and Social Cohesion in Europe (2004-2009).


In 2006, CEMME established a protocol of bilateral cooperation with the Department of Gypsy Studies of the University Eötvös Loránd, in Budapest (2006-7).


Running projects

Title: Sexual behaviours, beliefs and attitudes of teenagers / Young Portuguese and Cape-Verdean female teenagers regarding vulnerability to the risk of HIV/AIDS: an anthropological and comparative approach in an urban context

Research Team: Brak-Lamy de Carvalho (post-doc) and José Gabriel Pereira Bastos (post-doc supervisor)


Title: Body, mind and identity: the case of Cape-Verdean young community in Cova da Moura

Research Team: Edurne de Juan (PhD Student) and Donizete Rodrigues (PhD supervisor)


Title: Civic and Political Participation of Women of African Origin in the Portuguese Post-Colonial Context

Research Team: Susana Pereira Bastos and Sónia Ramalho

Protocol with the Immigration Observatory


Title: Family, gender and generation dynamics in a migratory context: material and identity vulnerabilities of women of African Origin

Research Team: Susana Pereira Bastos, Irene Banze and Celeste Fortes


Title: Growing up "out of water"? Expressivity, positionings and identity negotiations of young people of African origin in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

Research Team: Marta Vilar Rosales, Susana Parra, Vanessa Jesus and António Oliveira

Protocol with the Immigration Observatory


Title: Linguistic diversity, "mother tongue", "non-mother tongue", bilingualism, linguistic valorisation

Research Team: Maria Vieira da Silva, Carolina Gonçalves and Dulce Sá Silva


Title: Portugal in the 21st Century - Emerging Generations in a Multi-Ethnic Context

Research Team: Susana Pereira Bastos


Title: Different Children of Different Gods. Uses of Religions and Differentiated Social Integration

Research Team: Susana Pereira Bastos; Gabriel Pereira Bastos; L. Soczka; D. Rodrigues,A. Brinca, L. Nicolau, A. Costa, F. Batoréu, A. Correia, A. C. Horta Tavares, P. Guardini, A. P. Santos, S. Costa, N. Carvalho, E. Rodrigues, I. Banze and F. Mourão



Relevant Publications

Bastos, S. P. & Bastos, G.P. (2006). Filhos Diferentes de Deuses Diferentes. Manejos da Religião em Processos de Inserção Social Diferenciada: Uma abordagem estrutural dinâmica [Different Children of Different Gods. Uses of Religions and Differentiated Processes of Social Integration: a structural dynamic approach]. Lisbon: ACIDI/OI


Marques, M.M. & Martins, J. L. (2005). Jovens, Migrantes e Sociedade da Informação e do Conhecimento [Young People, Migrants, and the Information and Knowledge Society]. Lisbon: ACIDI/OI




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