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Department of Sociology of the Family and Private Living Arrangements
in the Institute of Sociology, at Mainz University



Prof. Dr. Norbert F. Schneider, Monika Stegmann, Silvia Ruppenthal, Katrin Feuerbach, Noemi Hernández, Heiko Rüger, Stephan Stengel, Detlev Lück

Location: City/Country


Main theme

Young parenthood

Keywords area of work

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Changing structures and functions of the family, changing family careers, current situation regarding partnership, marriage, and parenthood.

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

The main focus of research is the theory-driven empirical study of living arrangements and life courses in the context of social-structural influences, characteristics of the social environment, and individual design. These issues are closely linked to current social changes regarding law, social policies, and demography as well as to the public debate on family and life style.

Running projects

Job Mobilities and Family Lives in Europe (2006 - 2008)

Research team: Norbert F. Schneider, Detlev Lück, Silvia Ruppenthal, Heiko Rüger

Cooperating institutions: Facultés Universitaires Saint Louis, Brussel (Belgien), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Frankreich), Bundeswehruniversität München, University of Warsaw (Polen), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spanien), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Laboratoire de Sociologie Urbaine (Schweiz), Université de Lausanne (Schweiz), FH Nürnberg (Germany), RWTH Aachen (Germany)

Funding: European Commission (Sixth Framework Programme for research and technological development)

Relevant Publications

Schneider, Norbert F./Meil, Gerardo (Eds.): Mobile Living Across Europe I. Relevance and Diversity of Job-Related Spatial Mobility in Six European Countries. 2008.



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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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