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The Resource Center for Ethnocultural Diversity (EDRC)


Gábor ÁDÁM - director

Călin BOARIU - office manager

Monica CĂLUŞER - programme coordinator

Amelia GORCEA - programme coordinator

Olimpia MOŞTEANU - assistant programme coordinator

Ágnes VERES - programme coordinator

Location: City/Country

Cluj-Napoca City, Romania

Website: www.edrc.ro

Main theme

1) Civic participation

2) Young parenthood

3) Transition of young people with an ethnic minority or immigrant background

Keywords area of work

(10 max)

Multicultural communities, ethnic minorities, civic participation, ethnocultural diversity, social integration, community development

Brief description of institution (250 words max)

The Resource Center for Ethnocultural Diversity (EDRC) is an independent non-governmental organization co-founded by the Open Society Foundation Romania and Mr. Levente Salat (former director of the Open Society Foundation, Cluj Branch between 1990-1999). The EDRC is one of the successor institutions of the Open Society Foundation Romania, Cluj Branch.

The EDRC's mission is to contribute to the construction of democracy in Romania by improving the country's interethnic climate and promoting principles of ethnocultural peace and justice based on institutional solutions acceptable both to majority and minorities.

Aims and objectives

  • to gradually provide a more favorable climate for the interethnic relations in Romania;
  • to increase the visibility of minorities in the public sphere with notable events of interethnic dialogue;
  • to encourage and assist minorities in making their claims in a more balanced way, relying more on reliable data and accurate information, and developing more pragmatic political programs targeting institutional solutions for accommodating ethnocultural difference successfully implemented in other parts of the world;
  • to increase public access to and involvement in interethnic partnerships and cooperation through grant-making activities (following the example here of OFAJ which had a decisive impact on improving French-German relationships after WW II); and
  • to ultimately implement the developed policies into stable institutional solutions.

Running projects

Good governance initiatives in multiethnic communities

Community development in multiethnic communities

Research and documentation on ethnic minorities

§         The situation of immigrants from Romania

§         Database - Legislative Documents on the Rights and Protection of National Minorities in Romania

§         Database - Ethno-demographic Structure of Romania

§         Bibliographic Sources on the Roma in Romania

§         Raising Awareness of the Public Opinion Regarding Issues of Ethnic and Religious Minorities

§         Barometer on Ethnic Relations (BER)

§         Minorities in Government - evaluation of the impact of public policies from the perspective of minority participation in government

§         Status Policies - a comparative analysis of European policies in the field of relations between the state of origin and minorities outside the state borders

Multicultural education

Promotion of interethnic dialogue


Relevant Publications

Integration Policies regarding National Minorities in Romania. Legal and Institutional Aspects in a Comparative Perspective, Levente SALAT (editor), Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2008

Guide of Good Practices for the Implementation of Local Public Policies, edited by EDRC and CENPO, Cluj-Napoca, 2008.

"The Unknowns Next Door: Residents, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Illegal Migrants in Romania", Marian Chiriac and Monica Robotin, Report 2006, available in Romanian (Necunoscutii de langa noi:rezidenti, refugiati, solicitanti de azil si migranti ilegali in Romania) at http://www.edrc.ro/docs/docs/necunoscutii_2006_final.pdf

Les relations roumano-hongroises vues du Quai d'Orsay (septembre 1944-décembre 1947), by Anna Fülöp, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2006.

Multicultural Education - Methodological Guide, by Simona-Elena Bernat, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2006.

Good Governance in Multiethnic Communities: Conditions, Instruments, best practices, ways to achieve and measure good governance at the local level, editors: Monica Căluşer and Mariana Sălăgean. A joint publication of the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center and the King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium. 2007.

Changes of the ethnic map of Romania, by Gabriel ANDREESCU, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2005.

The Challenges of Diversity. Public policies for national and religious minorities in Romania, Marian Chiriac, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2005.

Barometer of Ethnic Relations 1994-2002. A Perspective of the Interethnic Climate of Romania, edited by Gabriel BĂDESCU, Mircea KIVU and Monica ROBOTIN, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2005.

Hungarians in Romania and the minority ethics (1920-1940), edited by Lucian NASTASĂ and Levente SALAT, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2003.

The Police and Multicultural Communities in Romania, edited by Ioaneta VINTILEANU and Gábor ÁDÁM, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2003.

Ethnocultural minorities. Documents. The Hungarians of Romania (1956-1968), editors: Andreea ANDREESCU, Lucian NASTASĂ and Andrea VARGA, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2003.

Ethnocultural Minorities. Documents. The Jews of Romania (1945-1965), Andreea Andreescu, Lucian Nastasă, Andrea Varga (eds.), coordinated by Lucian Nastasă, Cluj, CRDE Publishing House, 2003.

Ethnocultural minorities. Documents. The Hungarians of Romania (1945-1955), editors: Andreea ANDREESCU, Lucian NASTASĂ and Andrea VARGA, Cluj, EDRC Publishing House, 2002.

Ethnocultural Minorities. Documents. Gypsies of Romania (1919-1944), edited by Lucian NASTASĂ and Andrea VARGA, Cluj, EDRC Publisher, 2001.


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