Research Questions
The working group on "Young parenthood" deals with the following research questions.


Group specific questions
  • How do young parents experience and manage changed gender roles and young parenthood? What role does ethnic-cultural background play in this regard?
  • What are subjective reasons of young men and women to delay o even renounce parenthood?
  • What problems do they face in realising their family plans and how do they cope with them? How do they endure and cope with "parental stress" and establish a work-life balance?
  • Where do young parents acquire competencies for parenting?
  • Can young parents transfer informal competencies to their work sphere?
  • Can young parents negotiate partental obligations with their work responsibles? (do they contribute to the "learning organisation")
  • How do young men and women negotiate their becoming and being parents, especially when both partners work and/or are still/again in education? How do they adjust their independent life styles and choice biographies to their new roles? How do they reconcile family with (European) mobility?
 Policy Level
  • What policies addressing young parenthood exist across the EU (parental leave, child care, part-time work for men and women, tax credits etc. and to what extent do such policies refer to young people's subjective needs?
  • How can the experiences of young parents be translated into a viable work-life balance policy?
Last Updated ( Monday, 15 May 2006 )