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The work programme of UP2YOUTH structures around three thematic working groups. 

The working group process consists of two phases: 

  • Phase 1 will consist in re-analysing existing research in the national contexts of the group members which relates to the respective themes in a comparative perspective. Key issues and perspectives which emerge from this analysis are discussed in thematic workshop 1 together with policy makers and practitioners to test their relevance for policy and practice. This dialogue also serves to identify models and criteria of ‘good practice’. Phase 1 results in the production of draft thematic reports.
  • Phase 2 will extend the perspective of the working groups to other existing and ongoing thematic research in Europe. In thematic workshop 2 other researchers are invited to present their own work and to discuss key issues and perspectives generated in phase 1. Thereby, research gaps can be identified and eventually closed. By referring g to the model of youth transition regimes the thematic reports emerging from phase 2 also include a comparative perspective.

The thematic working group process is embedded in the overall project process which is primarily concerned with relating the thematic perspectives to the overall research question for young people’s active role in social change and with producing outcomes which are meaningful for European youth research, policy and practice. The overall process consists of three phases:


  • The launching phase primarily is concerned with making the UP2YOUTH project structures operative. At the launching meeting the glossary of key concepts is discussed, the use of the Internet Portal explained and – most important – the thematic working groups constitute and adopt their respective work programmes. 
  • The interim phase between the two thematic group phases draws together the three thematic perspectives. On the basis of the draft thematic reports an interim paper is produced in which the key issues and perspectives emerging from the groups are interrelated with regard to the analysis of the role of young people’s agency in the process of social change and of the different effects of different policies for young people. This paper is discussed at the interim meeting with all partners and is intended to steer the following second group phase.
  • The final phase is concerned with extracting the findings thematic reports on young parenthood, school-to-work-transitions of ethnic minority youth and civic participation which are complementary and appropriate to contribute to a theoretical analysis of the way in which young men and women are actively involved in social change. Apart from the final report this analysis will lead to the elaboration of a higher education course model on youth and social change, a networking plan of European youth research, and a map of ‘good practice’. The key findings are presented and discussed at a public seminar at European level together with policy makers, practitioners, and researchers.

Apart from generating empirically based theoretical knowledge the self-understanding of UP2YOUTH includes to contribute to the further integration of the European youth sector throughout the project. The Internet Portal, the bi-annual newsletter and the thematic workshops in which the project invites other researchers and representatives from policy and practice are the main means in this regard.

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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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