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The ICS is partner in working group concerned with Transitions of Ethnic Minority Youth.

The Institute of Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary body of researchers within the broadly defined area of the Social Sciences. Benefiting from the status of faculty of the University of Lisbon, it carries out a Program of Post-Graduate Studies in the Social Sciences, with research degrees of Master and Ph.D. level. Furthermore, ICS has been granted the status of Associate Laboratory by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The institute has developed research in the areas of Policy Studies, Sociology of Youth, Sociology of the Family and Social Values and Attitudes and has been involved in a number of international projects.
It participated in FP4 with a TSER project (thematic network) called Evaluation of Employment Policies for Young Adults in Europe regarding non-intended effects of social exclusion (contract SOE2-CT98-3063). During the FP5 it was involved in the following projects regarding Policy, Youth and Family Studies: a) New kinds of families, new kinds of social care: shaping multidimensional European Policies for informal and formal care (contract HPSE-CT-1999-00010); b) Youth Policy and Participation (contract HPSE-CT-2001-00072). ICS is also involved in three international networks: International Social Survey Programme, The European Values Study and European Social Survey.

José Machado Pais
, phd, principal researcher and director. Fields of expertise: sociology of youth and  sociology of everyday life. Personal homepage:www.jmp.home.sapo.pt
Vitor Sergio Ferreira, phd, researcher. Fields of expertise: youth transitions, youth lifestyles.

Lia Almeida, junior researcher. Fields of expertise: family relations, intergenerational exchange, transitions to adulthood, youth cultures. 

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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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