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The findings of UP2YOUTH will be disseminated and implemented by the following means:

  • The final report will combine the thematic reports on young parenthood, transitions to work – especially with regard to ethnic minority youth, and civic participation – with an integrated, overall perspective on the relation between structure and agency in young people’s integration into society. This will include a section on methodological implications, especially in comparative perspective, and a section in which youth-related policies are assessed.
  • The executive summary will address primarily the non-academic part of the youth sector focussing on advocating a view of young people as actors of social change and allowing for policy assessment. Where needed it will be translated to serve for local implementation.
  • A European level seminar will present the findings primarily to policy makers and stakeholders at European level.
  • A network plan with regard to research, youth organisations and NGOs, policy and practice actors will contribute to the further integration of a European youth sector and the European Youth Research Area (supported by the Internet Portal).
  • A map of good practice in Europe with regard to youth policy in general and to young parenthood, transition to work of ethnic minority youth and civic participation in particular will be produced. It is intended to strengthen the White Paper process and the European Youth Pact.
  • A higher education course module will implement main findings in the training of future researchers, policy makers and practitioners replacing prevailing orientations towards youth as a problem by youth as a resource. The course will consist of a module introducing a structure and agency view on youth, three modules corresponding to the thematic areas of the project, and a policy-oriented module.
  • A briefing paper will report results emerging from the project. It will be updated every six months. The final briefing paper will be accompanied by a press release.
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Project supported by funding under the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme - Coordinated by IRIS e.V.

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