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Discrimination and marginalisation of individuals or social groups of people based on "racial" (but more often ethnical origin based) division.

Racism is based on ideological assumptions that mankind can be divided into a number of specific "races", genetically formed by their physical appearance. Certain individual and social characteristics are typically attached. People are usually divided into “them” and “us”, excluding some and including others, either directly in terms of violence, hostility and aggression, but also indirectly by regulating and reducing potential opportunities in life for people (education, jobs, leisure time activities etc.) “institutional racism”.

Racism is also understood as aversive and symbolic. Aversive indicating, that people avoids direct social contact with people of a certain ethnic or racial origin (similarly to people of a certain faith, a certain sexual orientation etc.). Symbolic racism refers to the phenomenon, that people claims tolerance and accept of others, but in their everyday life rejects any support of people of other ethnic origin etc. (see also Discrimination and Ethnic minority group)

Racism is seldom targeting actual races, but more often people who originates from different cultures or parts of the world, a "New Racism". Racism is also understood with a social-constructivist perspective, when people "does" difference without any reflections or individual reasoning. (TBJ)


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